Frequently Asked Questions

What is FRUITS and how it is used?

FRUITS (Farmer Registration & Unified Beneficiary InformaTion System – FRUITS) is a web-based software system. It facilitates registration of farmers/person who wants to avail benefit from the Government. In addition, details of benefits availed get recorded in FRUITS and thus, it becomes an inventory of farmers, land and benefits extended to them.
The website may be accessed through For more details, refer “about” section.

How to register in FRUITS?

Registration may be done by visiting to Raitha Samparka Kendra (RSK) or nearest taluka send Horticulture department’s office. Citizens may register on their own also by visiting “Citizen login” on the FRUITS website.

How can a citizen register on his/her own?

Any citizen can register by visiting Citizens Log-In and clicking on citizen registration. Aadhaar number and name as per Aadhaar shall be entered & verified. One can attach his/her land by fetching it from Bhoomi and select approver. Once approved by the concerned officer, registration will be complete. Mobile number shall be used as user ID. The registration is based on OTP authentication; OTP is sent to Aadhaar linked mobile.

Which are the records required to register in FRUITS?

To register in FRUITS, one shall have Aadhaar number. To register as a land owned farmer, land details (RTC) are required. In case anybody wants to registered under any particular category (like Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribes) related certificates would also be required.

Can information be updated in FRUITS?

Yes. One can update land details, phone numbers, address, name as per Aadhaar (if name is changed in Aadhaar) Gender (if wrongly entered earlier), Bank details, Caste and Date of Birth.

Can joint owners be registered in FRUITS?

Yes. Joint Owners records (RTC) is treated as single record in Bhoomi. However, joint owners may have registered in FRUITS in any one of following three types.
(a) Joint record as a whole. In which case FRUITS ID will be given for one of the Joint Owners.
(b) Each first owner separately with self-declaration, land extent will be attached to each owner as per declaration.
(c) Joint Owner separately with equal share.

How can a citizen give a feed back to the FRUITS website?

A citizen can participate in the process by clicking on the “Feedback” menu on the homepage and submit their valuable feedback.

Can a citizen lodge grievance about the information available in FRUITS portal?

A grievance menu is made available on the home page, which redirects user to the Public Grievance Redressal Website. The citizen can lodge grievance complaint by clicking on the grievance menu